Our Team

“We share the same passion and goal, strive to achieve better results,and support each other throughout the journey to be your trusted and preferred partner!”

Group of Companies

LKB Group of Companies was formed with affiliated partners and developed a biology and biochemical technology business conglomerate where aligning strategies continuously to support and develop sustainable goals for a better and advancement community.

With dedication and commitment, LKB Bio Fertilizer Sdn Bhd has expanded and diversified into other industries such as human care, commercial eco-industries, medical, etc. Besides the core products custom-made biofertilizer, LKB Group provides antimicrobial activated-ionized water, bio-soil enhancer, etc as contribution in way of economically efficient and environmentally beneficial.

LKB Group of Companies & Affiliated Partners

  1. LKB Bio Fertilizer Sdn Bhd (808016-K)
  2. LKB Bio Innovations Co., Ltd. (681862) 福建盛园生物科技有限公司
  3. LKB Bio Venture Sdn Bhd (1249127-V)
  4. Eternal LKB Global Biotech Sdn Bhd (1165793-V)
  5. Ionic Global Sdn Bhd (1293753-X)
  6. RS Primus Sdn Bhd (1063175-T)
  7. Microworld Bio-technologies Ltd (Hong Kong) 新园生物科技有限公司
  8. PT. Elkabe Biotek Indonesia