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Due to the unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic crisis in year 2020, Malaysia economy is contracted, such as agriculture sector is anticipated to 1.2%, according to Malaysia MoF. Limits were pushed and exceeded, while ideas and execution were accelerated in this year.

Definitely, we all hope for a better 2021.

According to Malaysia Department of Statistic, GDP From Agriculture in Malaysia increased to 27848 MYR Million in the third quarter of 2020 from 24527 MYR Million in the second quarter of 2020.  Looking ahead at year 2021, the agriculture sector is anticipated to grow 4.7%, the MoF said. 

LKB biofertilizer
LKB biofertilizer

Many analysts have predicted that 2021 will see an acceleration in the global transition towards a green economy. The green transition led by some of the largest economies of the world, will likely result in disrupting the global supply chain and altering geopolitical dynamics.

What does the future hold for Malaysia in terms of our own transition to a green economy? Budget 2021 has an explicit focus on environmental sustainability. 

This includes funding directed towards community farming, as well as the implementation of Organic Agriculture Project, which will benefit the environment in terms of pollution control.

The Ministry of Agriculture also receives budgetary allocations for flood control, drainage, and irrigation programs, all of which can play a role enhancing Malaysia’s resilience to the consequences of climate change.

LKB biofertilizer

This brief assessment of Budget 2021 demonstrates that there are encouraging signs for Malaysia in its transition towards a green economy. The Malaysian government plans to transform the agriculture sector to be dynamic and sustainable industry. Indeed, agriculture is recognized as one of the largest economic contributors in Malaysia.

Since established, LKB foresee green, sustainable and precision agriculture. Therefore, LKB has contributed much efforts in R & D and continuously produce eco-friendly products for a better future of community. Topland Biofertilizer is the most reasonable and trusted application for sustainable farming where it helps agro-preneurs in cost saving of labor, logistic, amount of usage and warehouse storage with optimum production of output in terms of yield and quality.  

To Grow and Sustain, LKB is always working with you for a healthier and better future!

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