Importance of Microorganisms


Microbial applications are increasingly expanded in lives and health of human, and also are widely practiced in industry and agriculture. Microorganisms are the only nature component of nitrogen fixation and degradation function of animals’ and plants’ residue objects (such as degradation of cellulose).

They are also located in a common first and last ends of the food chain, thus completing the large joint cycle of carbon, nitrogen, sulfur, phosphorus and other raw materials. Without the microbes, many biological species lose their sources of essential nutrients. Also, the residues of plants’ cellulose cannot be decomposed with unlimited accumulation; and thus, there is no current prosperity and discipline of nature or no generation and continuously maintenance of human.

Our biological group of composite beneficial and effective microorganisms are phototrophic group, yeast group, filamentous fungus group, bacillus group, actinomyces group and lactic acid bacteria group. These effective microbes are able to function together and are more adaptability. The principle of their functions is according from combination microbial capabilities of digestion, detoxification and anti-bacterial in soil.

Each composite effective microbial exerts full functional effects and plays important role like a strong army team for conducting operations. The main function of complex effective microbial is to create a healthy ecosystem.

With appropriate application of the effective microbes with combination of other healthy microbes will help resulting in antioxidants, removing oxidizing materials, eliminating putridness, inhibiting pathogens and formatting a good environment for the growth of plants.

Meanwhile, the composite effective microbes produce large amounts of beneficial substances for crops to easily utilize. Those beneficial substances such as amino acids, organic acids, polysaccharides, vitamins, various enzymes, growth factors, antibiotics, antiviral substances, etc. improve immune function and healthy growth of plants.

Thus, it helps reducing labor and costs, increasing productivity and improving quality. Also, end users have the opportunity to consume green and high-quality agricultural products.



Importance of Topland Biofertilizer

Topland biofertilizer uses activities and metabolites of microorganisms to provide nutrient and growth substances to the crops for the regulation of growing in order to improve yield and quality, as well as to reduce pest problems and improve soil conditions. 

Our complete nutritional and soluble bio-fertilizers are a developed result of high-tech application that fulfilled requirement of high-quality agriculture and sustainable agriculture. 

We mainly utilize modern biotechnology for culturing effective microbial population as a composite core; as well as we use non-polluted high quality deep-sea algae extract, fermented substrates of beneficial microbes and selected high purity raw materials for processing and producing our biofertilizers.

In order to solve human survival crisis caused by serious environmental pollution, we can foresee that beneficial and effective microorganisms play an important role in applications of biotechnology and protection of ecology. Therefore, bio-fertilizers also progress an essential function in agriculture.

Beneficial Microbes for Sustainable Agriculture

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