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Malaysian Trade Commission was established on February 28, 1991, it proposed Malaysia’s vision for 2020 – “Wawasan 2020”.

When LKB was established on February 28, 2008, we had planned to become market leader with company name and slogan of “Leading Kingdom Builder”.

This year of 2020, is the year of entering Malaysia’s grandeur, but it had encountered a new coronary pneumonia epidemic in the past 100 years. Covid-19 is the fastest spread, the most widespread infection, and the most difficult to prevent and control pandemic. While facing this impact of new epidemic, it has given human a vigilance of rethinking and new norm of life.

There is a Chinese phrase: Be Prepared for Danger in Times of Peace. Addressing us in particular, it is a warmth urging of LKB advisor to the team when we are in comfort and relaxed situation. Therefore, we are fully prepared in order to avoid panic and fearful. Also, mission will be accomplished effectively only when our emotions are stable and well prepared.

Are you prepared before the outbreak?

At the time of initial establishment, Prof A. C. Chia and Group CEO Mdm Chia had foreseen some life crisis of future such as soil deterioration, water pollution, microbial mutation problem, etc., thus they conceived various R & D projects to solve the crisis. When designing the formulation of each products’ series, for those people do not trust in the innovation ideas would definitely give negative comments yet Madam Chia was brave to accept all concepts of reformation and innovation of technological science. She led the team actively invested a lot of resources to invent latest technology and manufactured the products to benefit the community.  

After continuously research and development, LKB’s agricultural SBPTech for biofertilizer and activated-ionized LCTech for antimicrobial, the technologies have been a leading proven result in the market for many decades. Though it is a long-term challenge and education to allow society’s conventional habits and thinking to accept new technologies and philosophies.  LKB team has always maintained original intention and adhered to the concepts of “reducing use of chemical fertilizers”, “green and natural products”, and “sustainable delicate management” that enable LKB standing upright in many challenges.

To Prepare, Prevent, Protect & Prolong  –   LKB is Ready to Assist You Anytime!

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