Modern Farming with Innovative Biofertilizer

LKB biofertilizer

With the introduction of eco-friendly and green revolution technologies, Biofertilizer is one of the best modern tools for agriculture.It is a remarkable gift of our modern agricultural science.  Biofertilizers are applied in the agricultural field as one of the best replacements to synthetic input of conventional fertilizers. 

Is Biofertilizer Better & Effective?

Biofertilizer focuses on the growth of plants and the sustainability of soil at the same time. It nurtures tree and earth with microorganisms, which is the most important thing in the ecological system.

For decades, TOPLAND Biofertilizer has been the trusted name for many local and international agricultural markets.TOPLAND is specially formulated to satisfy different needs. Whether it is crop farming or plantation, our complete series of products will certainly fulfil client’s unique needs.

With complete nutrient composition and beneficial microbes, TOPLAND Biofertilizer’s feature is “Little Amount for Optimum Value”.It is widely used in Malaysia, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, and other countries.

Compared with traditional fertilizer, TOPLAND Biofertilizer is produced based on modern biotech and internal cutting-edge technology.It is combined with beneficial microbes, organic extract and soluble multi-nutrient substances that provides long-lasting, rapid and synergy effects on plantation. 

TOPLAND Biofertilizer is soluble and easy to fertilize that only needs 20%-50% less than traditional compound fertilizer and can make a huge difference.LKB’s unique biotech enable to replenish soil with lost nutrients, to improve deterioration of soil quality, to reduce pesticide residues and heavy metal pollution as well as to restore soil ecology effectively.  

Your Best Choice

Why is TOPLAND Biofertilizer?

  • Fertilizing with right amount and at the right time is always encouraged. You only need little amount of TOPLAND Biofertilizer for optimum value of results
  • Pay for the value, not the price
  • TOPLAND is good for soil, better for crops, best for consumers.
  • TOPLAND Biofertilizer provides the benefits of:

I.          Root enhancing     

II.        High nutrients utilizing rate

III.       Healthy and better growth

IV.       Quality enhancement and yield increment   

V.        Improve resistance towards disease

VI.       Enrich soil fertility

Protect Our Mother Earth

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