Precision Agriculture with LKB Group

Smart and Precision Agriculture

Precision agriculture is developed to reduce problems of wastage and to increase efficiency of production. Drone technology is playing one of the role in the transformation.  Combined with the advancements in drone technology with Topland biofertilizer of LKB Group can have optimum efficacy on production and irrigation of agriculture.

As human populations and demand increase, utilizing of arable land and conserving resources are paramount to meet the requirement and for sustainable agriculture systems. Topland Biofertilizer is soluble and suitable to pair with drone technology to boost production and to lower costs of fertilizing processes.

Smart equipment and precision materials have emerged as a transformative force for intelligence and operations of agropreneurs. Technology development helps better management and operation of plantation and farming. In agriculture today, LKB clients are smarter to combine technological equipment and fertilizing application such as by using Topland biofertilizer for increasing their crop yields and making their plantations more efficient.

Smart & Precision

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