Say “YES” for “GO GREEN”

Soil Enhancement. Pollution-free Food

Start from You & Us For A Better Future

Agriculture is crucial to economic growth but the driven growth, food security, and poverty reduction are at danger status. Meanwhile, climate change also cut crop yields and pollution effects ecosystem.   

It is crucial to mitigate the problem of agriculture.  Applying fertilizers in the proper amount, at the right time of period and with the right method can significantly reduce how much fertilizer reaches soil and water bodies.

 “Little Amount for Optimum Value” is LKB’s initial intention of research and development. Fertilizing with the right amount, at the right time, for the best results are the methodology concept of LKB. We always encourage farmers and planters to reduce the depending too much chemical substances in their farming and plantations.

For a better future, go green is one of the way that you and us can make the world a difference.

For Better Future

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