Solution of Crop Protection

Offering Tailored Solutions

Disease control and management is important in farming and plantation. Plant diseases are the silent killers that affect plant growth, reduce production, threaten food safety, and even destroy natural ecosystems.

The food we eat before it reaches our tables, has to withstand many challenges such as extreme weather conditions, harmful insects or diseases. Without protection solutions, yield would not be able to thrive. According to research, an average of 35% of crops grown for human consumption are lost every year due to pre-harvest pests.

Advanced technologies and agricultural practices make up modern and sustainable agriculture. Through a combination of scientific innovations, technology, and products, LKB offers farmers and planters tailored solutions to prevent diseases from taking hold altogether.

Biological Method to Help Plant Growth and Health

Beneficial microorganisms have symbiotic relationship with plants and help crops thriving well. Topland Biofertilizer AgroGrow Product Series contains effective and beneficial microbes that helping crops better nutrients absorption and improving resistance towards diseases.   

Prevention and Protection from Threat of Disease

LKB antimicrobial product series such as Topland Plant Protect A-18 is an organic antimicrobial and antiviral formulation and solution of crop protection. One of the features is potent and prompt effect of antiviral, antibacterial and antimicrobial management. It helps preventing infection of crops and improving the health of crops. In addition, it reduces spreading of pathogens and disease.      

Quality and Sustainable Goal

Crop improvement and quality productivity to be achieved are always aims in agriculture. The need for proper management practices is dramatically important. Good choices on correct products are decisions that keep agropreneurs heading in the direction of sustainability.

LKB is definitely your agricultural perfect partner!

Healthy Soil, Healthy Plant

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