Tips – Cost Saving without Affecting Your Yield

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Global pandemic (COVID-19) has changed our normal life and has huge impact on majority industries include agriculture. Agriculture is the fundamental of economic growth and is one of the most concern sectors for every country to secure the countries’ consumption demands.

There are two main input and output concerns of planters, farmers and agropreneurs in most of the time, i.e. the cost and yield. Therefore, strategic alignments need to be made to stay profitable during this challenged situation. Labour, transportation, warehousing storage, pesticides and fertilizer application, all these production costs in precision management of agriculture with new technologies in operation shall be reformed and repractised in new epoch of agricultural industry.

Reducing amount of fertilizing and cost saving in the labour, transportation, and storage without affecting the yield, Topland Biofertilizer with advanced SPBTech and in-house formulation is able to fulfil the needs and goal of plantation. Topland is developed by R & D of LKB Group. The technology and proven results were established and recognised for more than decades. It is the only biofertilizer in market that enables to reduce the usage of fertilizing and cost saving in labour and transportation.

One of topics with great relish among agropreneurs in the industry for many years is the cutting-edge technology and the exclusive formulation of LKB Group that showed tremendous performance at an area of desert in China turned into a vitality soil. By helping the farmers reducing fertilizer and pesticides application as well as improving quality of yield, Topland Biofertilizer enriches soil fertility, improves resistance towards diseases, boosts health and growth, increases yield and helps degradation of production heavy metals. Due to less application of fertilizer, thus there are large savings in labour and transportation costs.          

Topland Biofertilizer and SPBtech are defined and recognised as a revolution of new era solution for sustainable and precision agriculture to make farming and plantation more efficient and more profitable.  It is a mission of LKB Group to assist agropreneurs improving margins by helping to decrease operating costs and increase soil fertility and yields. In fertilizing classification, Topland fulfils sustainable principles and criteria (P&C) in supply chain of eco-business for agropreneurs and stakeholders such as palm oil producers to be qualified in Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil’s (RSPO) certification system.

Human life is improving and everyone is looking for a better future. Sustainable, eco-friendly and precision agriculture is vision of the world. Topland with the latest technology – SPBTech, is the best and latest practise in your operation that LKB is here for you to reform. Evergreen agriculture starts from you and LKB Bio Fertilizer – Your Perfect Agro Partner!

 You decide, LKB provides.

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