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Our Story

Being the trusted name for many local and international agricultural farms and plantations, LKB Bio Fertilizer Sdn Bhd – “Your Perfect Agro Partner”, is a popular name in biofertilizers industry, with its priority given to earth, nature, the best interest of farmers, planters, and most of all, consumers.

LKB Bio Fertilizer Sdn Bhd is a renowned biofertilizer manufacturer founded back in 2008 set with the aim to be its name of LKB – LEADING KINGDOM BUILDER. Solid foundation set in Penang of Malaysia, serving hundreds of clients throughout the world providing biofertilizer for all types of agricultural, horticultural, medicinal herbs, arboricultural and livestock farming needs, LKB Bio Fertilizer Sdn Bhd had won various awards and recognitions via its comprehensive solutions and strict compliance to facilitate a healthy development of agriculture.

With priority given to earth and nature, the best interest of users and the benefits of consumers, LKB’s Stimulating Enzyme Protection Bio-Ionic Technology (SBPTech) and Symbiotic Culture Technology (SCT) fermentation process are among the breakthroughs that LKB became the leader in this industry.

Specialised in producing customized biofertilizer based on environment, soil quality and crop nutrient requirements with extensive experience and cutting-edge technology, LKB strives to build a better ecological environment for our future generations.

LKB is helmed with a strong team of industrial experts. The group of companies is led by the open-minded founder and managed by a group of dynamic individuals with passion and dedication to stop the destructions synthetic fertilizers have caused to our planet and its people. These highly motivated professionals work to exceed client expectations, seamlessly delivering the most effective solutions to farms and plantations worldwide.

We strive to be an important player in maintaining cleaner, balance and healthier growing grounds for plants to produce safe foods for everyone to enjoy. Meanwhile, we became your preferred biofertilizer providers with our belief and practice in:

Our History

Researched on Formulation 
Formulation was Developed
Founding of LKB
Biofertilizer SBPTech was Developed
Antimicrobial LCTech was Developed
Four Enhancement-Techs was Developed

A Little Goes A Long Way 

The company began its exploration and the journey of changing the world 
with NINE + ONE,
which is 9 pair of hands and 1 dream to make a difference.   

The Preferred Partner

throughout the Region 

In our continued effort to shape “a healthier you, healthier world”, our hard work has paid off with recognitions and trusts from farms and plantations.


To become the leader in minimizing the unsparing use of chemical fertilizers. 

To help regenerate the soil in order to support a full diversity of biology. 

To cultivate professional, progressive and talented elites for the growing era


We are committed to provide the best and natural solutions for sustainable lifestyle and agricultural industry. 

We are driven to maintain and improve the balance of our ecosystem by focusing on the mutual benefits of earth, people and company long-term growth.

Our Core Values