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Supported Advisory Team


Prof Yin-Bo Wang


Prof Wang is retired professor of Department of Soil and Environmental Science, National Chung Hsing University and well-known agricultural expert as Soil Fertilizer Master in Taiwan. He received Academy Award in 1997 and was elected as President of The Chinese Society of Soil and Fertilizer Science and also appointed as Director of General Affairs and Professor.

Prof Wang has provided fully expertise and technical knowledge to the team and he promotes sustainable agriculture with less or avoid chemical fertilizer and chemical pesticides. He advocates the guidance in recycling of natural resources, maintaining healthy ecology and energy-saving, reducing pollution, sustainable-used of land and soil as well as production of safety and healthy food.


Prof Cheng-Tsu Wu


Prof Wu is lecturer of Department of Soil and Environmental Sciences, National Chung Hsing University. He received Academy Award in 2021 of The Chinese Society of Soil and Fertilizer Science and previously was appointed as General Secretary of Taiwan Agricultural Association.

He specializses in soil fertilizer, hydroponics and plant nutrition. He lectures the courses of fertilizer science, fertilizer science practice, farming practice, nutrient management of soil-less cultivation, vegetable fertilizer management, soil and plant analysis technology.  He provides professional advises and supports for farming and technical problem-solve accordingly.



Prof Ji-Fu Yan

Prof. Yan was former Deputy Dean of School of Agricultural Resources, Chung Hsing University. He was graduated from Department of Agronomy and was famous of his new rice bred “Chung Hsing University No. 1”, which took him 20 years of painstaking cultivation and was the first bred cultivated by university in Taiwan. The quality of this bred is comparable to the famous Koshihikari rice in Japan. Prof Yan combines the technological knowledge of crop cultivation physiology and variety improvement and bio-statistics to help the team’s practical ability to develop innovative agricultural knowledge and answers.


Prof Ching-Chang Shieh

Prof Shieh was graduated from PhD of Department of Horticulture, National Taiwan University. He was former lecturer and Director of Horticultural Experiment Field of National Chung Hsing University and has been devoted to the promotion of post-harvest treatment and fruit gardening. He is enthusiastic in advising and solving various diseases of farming.



Prof Yi-Yu Chuang

Prof Chuang was graduated from Department of Entomology, National Chung Hsing University and formerly an associate professor of the university, currently as advisor of Agricultural Improvement Farm of Kaohsiung District. He specializes in biological control and supports the team in pest management of fruit and agronomic crop, techniques for non-pesticide control, diagnosis technology of field pest and biological control technology, technique in health crop cultivation management.



Mr Ben-Yuan Chen

Mr Chen was a full time personnel responsible for agricultural and technical in National Chung Hsing University in the past years and currently appointed as Executive Supervisor of Chunghwa Association of Rural Development. He was graduated master degree from Department of Plant Pathology. Mr Chen is helpful to offer his skillful and experienced solutions in pathology issues to the team.  



Group of Companies

LKB Group of Companies was formed with affiliated partners and developed a biology and biochemical technology business conglomerate where aligning strategies continuously to support and develop sustainable goals for a better and advancement community.

With dedication and commitment, LKB Bio Fertilizer Sdn Bhd has expanded and diversified into other industries such as human care, commercial eco-industries, medical, etc. Besides the core products custom-made biofertilizer, LKB Group provides antimicrobial activated-ionized water, bio-soil enhancer, etc as contribution in way of economically efficient and environmentally beneficial.

LKB Group of Companies & Affiliated Partners

  1. LKB Bio Fertilizer Sdn Bhd (808016-K)
  2. LKB Bio Innovations Co., Ltd. (681862) 福建盛园生物科技有限公司
  3. LKB Bio Venture Sdn Bhd (1249127-V)
  4. Eternal LKB Global Biotech Sdn Bhd (1165793-V)
  5. Ionic Global Sdn Bhd (1293753-X)
  6. RS Primus Sdn Bhd (1063175-T)
  7. Microworld Bio-technologies Ltd (Hong Kong) 新园生物科技有限公司
  8. PT. Elkabe Biotek Indonesia