An Amazing Ecological Civilization

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It is a dream for every human to have a beautiful home with blue sky, green ground and clean water. Building an ecological civilization for agriculture and community is also a dream of LKB Group.

Treating environment and ecology well seriously, LKB applies concept of resources saving and protection of ecological environment when we develop of product’s features. This is also one of the reasons and competitive advantages that we are overwhelming heading from others.

Little Amount with Optimum Value

The uniqueness of TOPLAND Biofertilizers is “Little Amount for Optimum Value”, which means farmers and planters just need to apply little amount of our biofertilizer and will receive a return of optimum value in quantity and quality of yields. Because of less chemical usage to prevent more pollution of environment, we help to make the supply chain of ecology greener and healthier.      

For decades, TOPLAND Biofertilizer has been the trusted name for many local and international agricultural markets.TOPLAND is specially formulated to satisfy different needs. Whether it is crop farming or plantation, our complete series of products will certainly fulfil client’s unique needs.

In year 2012, we are invited for field experiment projects in Xinjiang to improve desert soil and output of crops. China’s efforts to build a “Great Green Wall” began in 1978, that it is the biggest man-made forest in the whole world. Xinjiang is almost desertic, with years of development in dripping irrigation and technological systems built to reduce evaporation, this region people grow fruits, vegetables and cottons with no rainfall.

LKB team was successfully to improve results in red dates and cottons projects with tremendous record that amazed the farmers.  

Highlighted One:

(1) Soil improvement in Aksu, Xinjiang, China

Soil Quality in Desert Planting Areas was Improved and Abundant Harvest Result

Comparison result of soil properties and planting conditions in the desert: –

Before – The soil structure was loose sandy soil with high salt content. Poor water retention and low fertilizer capacity

Before Treatment

After – 3 years of using TOPLAND Bio-Soil Enhancer and TOPLAND Biofertilizer, the soil structure was improved and there was a biological crust phenomenon. Algae, lichens, mosses, fungi, and bacteria are equivalent to soil particles and have the ability to significantly fix nitrogen of soil and atmospheric, affect nutrient cycling and change processes of soil moistures that can effectively reduce wind and water erosion on the desert surface, and play a positive role in improving the ecological environment.

After Treatment

Highlighted Two:

(2) Red-dates in Aksu, Xinjiang, China

Xinjiang | Year: 2012-2015 | Farming: Red-dates

Experiments indicated:

Test results of Topland biofertilizer:

  • Increased 25% – 33% yield
  • Significantly improved quality, and enhanced taste & sweetness
  • Increased stress resistance, drastically reduced bacterial infection rates by more than 30%
  • Effectively reduce the use of pesticides, greatly improve 45% disease prevention function of disease
  • Effectively restores desert ecology with growth of biological crusts on soil
  • Successfully repaired soil, improved soil quality deterioration, and fertilized fertility
  • Reduce heavy metal and pesticide residues.
  • Save transportation costs
  • Save time and labour cost
  • Enhance the competition in quality and price in the international market with high economic efficiency

Highlighted Three:

(3) Cotton in Aksu, Xinjiang, China

Xinjiang | Year: 2012-2015 | Farming: Cotton

Experiments indicated:

Test results of TOPLAND biofertilizer:

  • Increased 22% – 30% yield
  • Increased stress resistance, drastically reduced bacterial infection rates by more than 35%
  • Promote the healthy growth of cotton seedlings, plants and number of fruiting branches
  • Save time, transportation and labor cost

Ecological civilization emphasizes the need for environmental and social reforms that are both long-term in orientation toward sustainability. In sustainable and green agricultural methodologies will be ecologically motivated.

There are many current discussions about pathway of civilization orients from soil enhancement, farming to agriculture business till to questions of culture and local community.

Agricultural practices are related to economic practices, energy sources, consumption and transportation, and ethical questions about practices and working conditions.  LKB’s research focuses on agricultural practices to emerging based on traditional option and new technologies. We serve a prototype for sustainable agriculture industry.

Ecological Civilization with TOPLAND

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