Earth Day – Restore Our Earth

Earth Day ~ Restore Our Earth

Together, we can make a difference.

LKB Group had foresaw impacts of pollution and engaged in going green and developed eco-friendly products for sustainable goal. We always focus on natural processes, emerging green technologies and innovative thinking that help restoring the ecosystems.

Soil is one of the most important source of food production and it is rich ecosystems that composed of both living and non- living matter with a multitude of interaction between them. It is particularly concerned with the cycling of nutrients, formation, and stabilization of the pore structure. 

Topland AgroWell Bio-soil Enhancer SC510 was designed to tackle barren land and degraded soil, this product consists of non-toxic, biodegradable and biocompatible properties to improve conditions and support plant life all over again. Whereas, Topland AgroWell Bio-Humate BH180 is a powerful humate enricher of soil to promote growth and vitalization, increase nutrient uptake and enhance soil structure. 

We love our beautiful earth. Lets protect and nurture our ecological system.

Happy Earth Day!

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