Let’s Make Durian Tree Growing Well

Balanced Nutrients

Planting and caring for durian trees is not easy. Durian needs much tropical warmth, abundant moisture, and sunshine to thrive. The trees need equivalent irrigation or abundant rainfall and rich soil.

For the nutrient management of durian farming, placing topdressed Topland Biofertilizer beyond the edge of the root zone will expand their reach in the process. The times a few months before flowering, during fruit development, and after harvesting are a favored period for fertilizing the durian trees.

Topland AgroGrow-K26 Durian Biofertilizer’s features :

  • Imrpove flesh, color and sweetness of fruits.
  • Improve plant durability
  • Promote new growth of tree
  • Improve early fruit bearing and better shape
  • Strengthen disease resistance
  • Increase nutrients supply
  • Enhance leafy growth rate
  • Boost-up nutrients absorption rate
  • Strengthen crops growth rate
  • Improve overall quality and yield of production

Soil Enhancement 

Durian trees grow best in a rich, deep, well-drained sandy clay or clay loam, high in organic substances, and pH range of 6 -7. Heavy clay soils are not supportive of good growth and health.

Humic acids are essential for healthy and productive soils. It is a group of molecules that binds to plant roots receive and bind to water and nutrients more effectively. Biomolecules of humus help retaining water and the ionized nutrients that are produced by natural cycling of organic biomass, compost, or other sources of fertilizer.

Topland Bio-Humate BH180 is a powerful humate enricher of soil to produce large and huge measurable result even with tiny amount of application.

The main functions of Topland Bio-Humate BH180 are promote growth and vitalization, increase nutrient uptake and enhance soil structure.

Features of Topland AgroWell Bio-Humate BH180:

  • Enhance soil properties & fertility
  • Increase root growth
  • Enhance natural defences and absorption of nutrients
  • Energize biological properties of soil
  • Improve capacity to support plant life

For Better Farming

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