Marvellous Humate


“Humic Acids: Marvelous Products of Soil Chemistry” (The Journal of Chemical Education, December 2001) stated that “Humic acids are essential for healthy and productive soils.”

Humates are popular and recognized as one of the productive inputs in sustainable agriculture. Humate consist of humic acid and fulvic acid along with the raw humates from which these powerful natural acids are derived.

Understanding soil organic matter and humus soil help farmers and planters to differentiate the characteristics of substances. Soil organic matter is material that is decomposing at various rates in the ground whereas humus soil describes a group of separate but distinct humic substances. We collectively refer humus include fulvic acid, humic acid and humin.

Biomolecules of humus help retaining water and the ionized nutrients that are produced by natural cycling of organic biomass, compost, or other sources of fertilizer. Humic acid is a group of molecules that binds to plant roots receive and bind to water and nutrients more effectively. It helps to increase yields dramatically with high levels of the humic acid. The electronegativity factor is key in developing a healthy soil.

TOPLAND BIO-humate BH180

Conventional wisdom ignores humates, though, holding that it is impossible to grow production without high-analysis compound chemical NPK fertilizers. LKB’s signature AgroWell Series, the well-known Topland Bio-Humate BH180 (hereinafter referred as Bio-Humate BH180) is a powerful humate enricher of soil to produce large and huge measurable result even with tiny amount of application.  From our farmland experience, by combining Topland AgroGrow Series of Biofertilizer and Bio-Humate BH180, result 35% increased tremendously of crops’ yield.

Bio-Humate BH 180 is extremely important as a medium for transferring nutrients from the soil to the plant because they can hold onto ionized nutrients, avoiding them from leaching away. The unique ingredients of Bio-Humate BH180 are also attracted to the exhaustion zone of the plant root. When the Bio-Humate BH180 arrives at the roots, it will transfer water and nutrients to the needs of plants.

The exhaustion zone close to the plant root which it draws nutrients can become depletion if there is lack of humic acid and microbes such as mycorrhizal fungus. By applying both Topland AgroGrow Series of Biofertilizer and Bio-Humate BH180, the effective microbes from Topland Biofertilizer will hyphae microtubes to extend further into the soil to gather nutrients for the plants and the Bio-Humate BH180 helps to enhance the progress of transporting the nutrients.

Bio-Humate BH180 is crucial to hold cations (positive ions) in a way they can be more easily absorbed by plant’s root and improve microminerals to be transferred to circulation system of the plant. This works well because Bio-Humate BH180 collects the cations and are then attracted to the exhaustion zone and also to the hyphae microtubes of the effective microbes. In essence, the Bio-Humate B180 is chelating such cations as positive ions of micro-elements and through this chelation, the Bio-Humate B180 is stable and long-lasting biomolecules that able to increase the availability of these cations to plants.

By using Bio-Humate B180, it helps planters to rehabilitate soil. Meanwhile, farmers and planters need to increase CEC of soil, improve soil tilth and porosity and improve water availability for conservation that all above efforts to be joined for making soil as healthier terrestrial biosphere for all plants, roots and soil microbes.

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