Mosti Promotes the Use of Biofertilizers

Improve Nutrient Absorption and Soil Conservation to Increase Crop Yield

According to The Science, Technology and Innovation Ministry (Mosti), biofertilizers were able to shield farmers from the rising cost of fertilisers due to a global supply shortage of raw materials. Therefore, Mosti promoted the use of biofertilisers and various technologies to improve nutrient absorption and soil conservation to increase crop yield.

The Ministry also mentioned that biofertilizers are suitable for large-scale use to increase the size of fertile land for farming in a short period. Based on field studies conducted by the Malaysian Nuclear Agency, biofertilisers can potentially cut expenditures on fertilisers by up to 50 % and step up crop yield up by 8%. In such a case, this would reduce reliance on fertilisers, and subsidies for fertilisers can also be gradually decreased where the technology solutions were prepared for large-scale use as short-term solutions to the ongoing food security crisis.

Topland Biofertilizer is the best choice for farmers and planters for cost saving, yeild improvement and quality production. Topland helps to reduce material and labour usage where only little amount of biofertilizer is needed compared with traditional compound fertilizer yet producing effective and quality production.

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