Overcome High Cost of Fertilizing


The agricultural ministers of G7 raised the alarm over the sharp rise of already high prices of agricultural commodities and inputs, such as fertilizers, and the attacks on agricultural-chained operation.  

According to  AHDM team, higher fertilizer prices meant costs of production globally will increase, which could alter which crops are grown. Also, the quality of grain might well b reduced if fertilizer input is reduced. Yields could be reduced if farmers reduced fertilizer applications.

Topland Biofertilizer consists balanced ingredient, which is a unique formulation that helping farmers to reduce fertilizer application without affecting yield and production result.

“WITH LITTLE AMOUNT FOR OPTIMUM VALUE” is slogan of Topland since we started inventing our AgroGrow series of biofertilizer. The special features of Topland is enhancing quantity and quality of crops with only small amount needed. Our clients have been benefited a total cost saving and better production when they accepted the concept of less fertilizer application.   

Cost Saving & Effective

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