Our premium products are special formulations for different needs ranging from agriculture, horticulture, medical herbs, arboriculture farming.


Formulated to improve soil, plant health and increase product yield in every type of land, this complete series of products fulfill your unique needs in both food farm and non-food plantation. 


  Enhance root  

  Utilize nutrients 

  Boost health and growth  

  Enhance quality 

  Increase yield  

  Improve resistance towards diseases  

  Enrich soil fertility 

Innovation Biofertilizer vs Conventional Chemical Fertilizer

Biofertilizer focuses on the growth of plants and the sustainability of soil at the same time. It nurtures tree and earth with microorganisms, which is the most important thing in the ecological system. 

Imagine taking prebiotic and probiotic as a human being, biofertilizer works on cultivating the beneficial bacteria in soil in order to grow healthy trees without harming the soil.  Chemical fertilizer, on the contrary, is synthetic substances, that works solely on boosting yield and usually ends up resulting excess amount of phosphate and nitrogen residue in soil, is the root to air and waterway pollutions, chemical burn to crop, acidification and mineral depletion of soil.  

Our extended technologies for the improvement of crops:

Bio-IonicHealPlus (BHPTech)
  • Repairs tissues, organs and biological system – Restores plant’s health after fungus attack
Bio-IonicGrowPlus (BGPTech)
  • Improves immune system
  • Improves plant’s life
  • Enhances physical quality
  • Improves fruiting and production

Bio-IonicPowerPlus (BPPTech)

  • Improves quality such as taste, color and texture
  • Boosts health and growth (under bad weather, poor soil conditions)
  • Promotes flowering

Bio-IonicVitalPlus (BVPTech)

  • Promotes cell division
  • Rejuvenates and empowers vitality
  • Enhances seedling and fruiting


Humates are popular and recognized as one of the productive inputs in sustainable agriculture. Humate consist of humic acid and fulvic acid along with the raw humates from which these powerful natural acids are derived.

Humic acids are essential for healthy and productive soils. It is a group of molecules that binds to plant roots receive and bind to water and nutrients more effectively. Biomolecules of humus help retaining water and the ionized nutrients that are produced by natural cycling of organic biomass, compost, or other sources of fertilizer.

Topland Bio-Humate BH180 is a powerful humate enricher of soil to produce large and huge measurable result even with tiny amount of application. The main functions of Topland Bio-Humate BH180 are promote growth and vitalization, increase nutrient uptake and enhance soil structure. 


  Enhance soil properties & fertility

  Increase root growth

  Improve plant quality and yield  

  Enhance natural defences and absorption of nutrients

  Energize biological properties of soil

Improve capacity to support plant life


Designed to tackle barren land and degraded soil, this product consists of non-toxic, biodegradable and biocompatible properties to improve conditions and support plant life all over again. 


  Sets the stage for microbial activity 

  Enhance soil properties 

  Improve soil physical and mechanics qualities 

  Improve water drainage & retention 

  Boost multi-nutrients absorption  


A non-toxic, non-polluting, non-irritant, non-corrosive, and non-residue of the best antimicrobial solutions for disinfecting bacteria and viruses, especially for livestock and greenhouse farming.  

Exterminating harmful microorganisms almost instantaneously, this effective antimicrobial solution uses hypochlorous acid as the main active ingredients, which it is also naturally produced by body’s immune cells to fight infections.


  Inhibit growth & reduce spread of pathogen and harmful bacteria

  Strengthen environmental hygiene

  Air purifying  

  Eliminate fetid odor

  Accelerate germination of seedling


Using biological control on plant diseases to reduce environmental risks of chemical pesticides, this product consists of natural rice grass extract, antifungal substances and minerals nutrients, which is essential for healthy growth.


  Inhibit fungus growth 

  Stimulate germination 

  Promote seedling 

  Elongate plants’ root 


Works as the alternative way of integrated weed management in farming, this product destroy and control weeds with compounds of secondary metabolites derived from microorganisms, organic extracts and plant species.