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Eco-friendly Antimicrobial Solution for Pineapple Farming

Pineapple, a perennial fruit-bearing tropical plant, stands as an exceptional source of minerals and vitamins. It is extensively cultivated and harvested in tropical and subtropical regions. Following mango, it ranks as the second most significant tropical crop where Asia poses as the leading pineapple producers in the world. In Malaysia, pineapple production operates at a […]

Effective Disease Management is Pivotal in Agriculture

The durian, a widely cultivated fruit tree in Southeast Asia renowned for its prized fruits, faces a significant challenge in the form of canker disease. This ailment poses a considerable threat to durian cultivation and has emerged as a critical concern for farmers in the region. Durian canker disease is a bacterial infection that affects […]

Importance of Non-Toxic Antimicrobial Solution for Agriculture

Non-toxic antimicrobial solutions play a vital role in agriculture as they offer numerous benefits for crop protection, food safety, and environmental sustainability. Key reasons: Disease Prevention Reduced Chemical Exposure Residue Management Resistance Management Environmental Sustainability Compliance with Regulations Organic and Sustainable Farming Overall, the use of non-toxic antimicrobial solutions in agriculture promotes sustainable farming practices, […]

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LKB biofertilizer

1991年2月28日马来西亚贸易委员会成立时,提出了马来西亚2020年的愿景。 2008年2月28日LKB成立时,也规划了成为领导市场的 “Leading Kingdom Builder”的目标。 今年2020年,正是踏入了马来西亚宏景的年份,却遇上了这一近百年来新冠肺炎疫情,传播速度最快、感染范围最广、防控难度最大的突发公共卫生事件发生。面对新冠疫情所造成的冲击,给人类上了一个『重新』思考和生活规范的警惕。 华人有句话:居安思危。这四个字,也是我们偶尔安逸或松懈时,顾问会给我们的温馨叮咛。只有在做好充沛的准备,才不会惊慌、恐惧的心理压力。情绪安稳,做起事情来,更事半功倍。 您在疫情发生前,是否也准备好了? 初创立时,顾问谢教授与集团执行长谢女士已看到前景的一些生活上的危机,例如土壤恶化、水源污染、微生物突变的问题,故此构思了多种解决危机的研发项目。在设计每个系列产品的配方时,对于在外观望不信任的人肯定会投以负面的评语,而谢女士却勇于接受改革和创新的概念,她与团队们积极投入大量资源去实践,让更多的领域受惠。 从不断的研发过程和获得成果后,LKB发明先进的“育护酶促生物离子技术(SPBTech)” 农业生物科技供生物肥料,和LCTech活性离子化科技供杀灭微生物及多功能用途,多年来已领先在市场。当然,我们也了解要让社会常规习惯和思维去接受新科技和理念,又是一个长期的挑战和教育。 我们团队一直保持初心,坚持『减少使用化肥』、『绿色自然产品』、『持续精致经营』的理念,让我们在很多挑战中依然竖立不倒。 我们长久做好准备、预防和保护,随时协助您!

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LKB biofertilizer

LKB Welcomes You LKB grows together with you and the world. Today, we proudly launch our new image of website. Since established, we are always willing to listen from you and delighted to serve you with our best efforts. LKB is grateful of your continuously trust and supports towards us. Lets hand-in-hand create our Evergreen! […]