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Farming practices to ensure food security and safeguarding the environment and climate.

In light of the escalating concerns regarding global warming, consumers are increasingly exercising caution in their daily decision-making. Consequently, individuals worldwide are becoming more discerning and exhibiting heightened interest in sustainable practices. The widespread adoption and scaling up of sustainable agricultural practices are crucial for ensuring food security and safeguarding the environment and climate. Decisive […]

Concerning the Reduction of Carbon Emissions

Agriculture represents a notably challenging industry, and at present, farmers do not receive incentives commensurate with their efforts to reduce emissions during production. Since the UN Conference on Environment and Development in Rio in 1992, sustainable development has served as a fundamental guiding principle across various economic and political sectors. There exists a widespread agreement […]

Eco-friendly Antimicrobial Solution for Pineapple Farming

Pineapple, a perennial fruit-bearing tropical plant, stands as an exceptional source of minerals and vitamins. It is extensively cultivated and harvested in tropical and subtropical regions. Following mango, it ranks as the second most significant tropical crop where Asia poses as the leading pineapple producers in the world. In Malaysia, pineapple production operates at a […]

Effective Disease Management is Pivotal in Agriculture

The durian, a widely cultivated fruit tree in Southeast Asia renowned for its prized fruits, faces a significant challenge in the form of canker disease. This ailment poses a considerable threat to durian cultivation and has emerged as a critical concern for farmers in the region. Durian canker disease is a bacterial infection that affects […]