Ensuring Benefits of Agropreneurs

Great Potential of Agricultural Industry 

Agriculture is the world’s most important industry as many raw materials whether sugar, wood, cotton, palm oil, etc. come from agriculture. Even livestock and fisheries are under agricultural resources. 

These materials are essential to major industries in ways many people are not even aware of, such as manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, diesel fuel, fashion, household development, and more. Therefore, it is great potential of agricultural industry and a major source of supply chain ecosystem.

Food security has been a hot topic in the last few years, it is no surprise that food security was a major component among the measures taken to lighten the burden of the higher cost of living in the revised Budget 2023, given Malaysia’s massive food import bill.

Many countries have increased their focus on food security. There are actually a lot of people interested in the agriculture sector, but the main issue is the availability of land.

The government points out that land use for the purpose of growing food had declined to only 1.2 million hectares, compared with seven million hectares for growing oil palm and rubber trees. Under the revised Budget 2023, the government has proposed to allocate up to 800 acres of land for food production.

In 2021, 5.73 million hectares of land was used to plant oil palm in Malaysia. Malaysia is the world’s second-largest producer of palm oil after Indonesia. Malaysia has a total rubber area of 1.07 million hectares whereas the planted area for durians was approximately 85.3 thousand hectares. Durians are a popular tropical fruit native to Malaysia and Indonesia.

The government is roping in the private sector to take part in large-scale agriculture and to improve the use of technology in the sector with 100% income tax exemption on capital expenditure. 

The use of biotechnology in farming has jumped rapidly due to high yields and low costs. Biotechnology is widely used in agriculture and it is estimated that up to 80% of all processed foods today contain ingredients derived from biotechnology. 

TOPLAND Biofertilizer is the BEST CHOICE of fertilizing

Topland Biofertilizer of LKB Group is the best choice of fertilizing to improve plant growth and yields, increase resistance to pests and diseases, and enhance nutritional content.

The successful application of Topland Biofertilizer helping farmers who produce fruits, flowers, and vegetables and oil palm planters to increase their yields and profits, reduce labor costs, and improve the environment not only in Malaysia as well as in other countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia and China.

Advantages of Topland Biofertilizer for Plant Growth:

  • Increased tolerance to stress factors
  • Faster growth rates and shorter generation times
  • Costs less than traditional methods
  • Improved crops
  • Better crop yields in the face of changing conditions around the globe
  • Increased nutritional value 

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